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Welcome To National Institute of Psychology Library's Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). Use OPAC to search collection in our library. Library at National Institute of Psychology is the best National library offering variety of services to social scientists in general and psychologists in particular. It contains massive sources of information. Our collection of books ranges from general psychology topics to some of very new and emerging disciplines in psychology.

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Developing public library systems and services.
Author(s) : Campbell, H.C
Call Number : 027.4 CAD
Publishing Year : 1983
Data bases in the humanities and social sciences
Author(s) : Raben, Joseph. Ed - Mariks, Gregory. Ed
Call Number : 300.285 RAD
Publishing Year : 1980
A manual of practical cataloguing.
Author(s) : Muhammad Riaz
Call Number : 025.3 MUM
Publishing Year : 1989
International confrence on Computing in the humanities
Author(s) : Bailey, Richard W. Ed.
Call Number : 001.6 BAI
Publishing Year : 1982
Pattern recognition in Practice
Author(s) : Gelsema, Edzard S.ed - Kanal, Laveen N. Ed
Call Number : 001.534 GEP
Publishing Year : 1980
Data and reality: Basic Assumptions in data processing reconsidered
Author(s) : Kent, William
Call Number : 001.64 KED
Publishing Year : 1984
IFIP Working conference on Formal description of programming concepts-IIIFIP working conference.
Author(s) : Bjorner, Dines. Ed
Call Number : 001.64206 BJO
Publishing Year : 1983
Serials management: An introduction
Author(s) : Riaz, Muhammad
Call Number : 025.1732 RIS
Publishing Year : 1991
Digital computer fundamentals
Author(s) : Bartee, Thomas C.
Call Number : 001.64044 BAD
Publishing Year : 1981
Doing post graduate research
Author(s) : Potter, Stephen E
Call Number : 001.42 POD
Publishing Year : 2006

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